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PSO Training
Alterseas owns the first PSO Training course registered in Mexico since 2015. It was designed to meed international standards and includes the Mexican mitigation guidelines.


Online training with a 2 days practice at sea

Designed to help futureĀ Protected Species Observers, this training was designed by PSOs for PSOs. Students will benefit from 20 years of experience working with marine fauna at sea and more than 15 years implementing mitigation worldwide.

Units cover all subjects required by international standards and it is the first course to include Mexican mitigation guidelines.

Course is taught online and a 2 days of practice at sea ensure full understanding and ability to correctly implement mitigation.


About our PSO Training Course

General Content

  • Antrhopogenic sound and marine fauna
  • Geophysical activities
  • Environmental legal framework
  • Monitoring techniques (visual and acoustic)
  • Mitigation procedures
  • Data collection
  • Species identification
  • Reporting
  • The role of the PSO


  • Degree in a marine sciences field (Minimum BSc.)
  • English to a professional level (B1 minimum)

To work as a PSO anywhere:

  • STCW
  • Seaman’s book
  • Offshore medical certificate (SCT in Mexico, OGUK or Norwegian outside Mexico)

How does it work

Alterseas PSO Training is online and complemented with a 2 days practice at sea.

Duration of the course is 40 hours online to be completed within 3 weeks plus the practical session.

An evaluation must be completed before the practical session.

Upcoming Training Sessions

Check the dates and availability for our next training sessions and schedule your time ahead.

Dates Availability
September 2021 No places available
December 2021 1 place available
February 2022 10 places available


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