About Alterseas

Alterseas is an environmental consulting firm for marine and coastal management and conservation. We offer different kind of services to industry, government, NGOs, companies or individuals: offshore industry environmental services, consulting, training, conservation expeditions, environmental corporate responsibility, volunteering programs and more.

Our engagement towards environment, regulations and our clients’ satisfaction is the base of our performance. The knowledge and experience internationally gathered by our associates allow us to provide our clients with a good quality service crafted to their needs in English, French or Spanish.

Company history

Alterseas was born in 2008 as one of the first marine and coastal dedicated consulting companies in Mexico and the first company in the country to offer Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) services for the offshore industry.

As most of our associates are involved as volunteers in local NGOs, it was brought to our attention the lack of resources environmental non-profits face, so we decided to contribute directly to a local organization by associating with them to provide good quality training programs to their staff at a reduced cost, as well as collaborating with their research projects and promote corporate volunteering.

This lead us to open a new branch of services, aimed to help corporate environmental responsibility, allowing companies to accomplish their social responsibility goals and connecting them with local environmental NGOs that could use their help.


Our mission is to contribute to marine and coastal conservation by providing our customers the environmental services they need with the quality and performance they expect.


Our mission is to bring to our customers the expertise and guide they need to contribute to marine and coastal conservation by facilitating them the best experience and approaches available.

Core values

We value and encourage the use of personal knowledge, experience and abilities to perform every task to their best.

Team work
We value commitment, responsibility and collaboration to reach a common goal

We value the use of creativity to find new ways to improve our performance


We are proud to partner with the Marine and Coastal Megafauna Research Institute (Instituto de Investigación de Megafauna Marina y Costera – INMMAR) in Mexico, an organization aimed to contribute to the sustainable management of ocean and coasts by promoting the research and conservation of marine and coastal megafauna as environmental health indicators.

Alterseas is open to know about more organizations and non-profits with similar goals. If you know an organization or your organization would be willing to partner with us, please, let us know!

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