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About Alterseas

Alterseas is a coastal and marine environmental consultancy established in Mexico, engaged in provide to our clients the best available services for their projects.

Our multidisciplinary team is able to help you in your projects in different areas: offshore industry, environmental consultancy, corporate responsibility, research and conservation, training and more.

Benefit from our commitment to the environment and experience, aimed to help you get the best results for your projects.

Our Services

Environmental Consulting

Make sure your project is fully compliant with environmental regulations through our services of marine and coastal monitoring, impact assessments, regulations consulting, training, legal compliance and more.

Marine Fauna Observers

We provide highly trained Marine Fauna Observers (PSO/MMO) for your offshore projects and marine fauna monitorings. We ensure not only a scientific background, but also a high quality training for monitoring, mitigation measures and sea-going skills, keeping safety as a priority.

Environmental Research

Scientific background, experience and objectivity. Key attributes to provide you with standardized and robust information for your environmental projects, baseline studies or mitigation plans.


Renew or increase the skills of your team with a training program suitable and customized for your company goals. Make of your staff your best investment.

Our Culture Code

Culture is the way we do things. In Alterseas, we adopted a Culture Code with principles created together with our Associates, capturing what makes us unique and what works great. Those principles are reflected in our three directives:


Our people is our most valuable asset. We invest in training and preparing our Associates to perform their work in the best possible way, taking safety as a priority and commiting to excellence while enjoying what they do to deliver the expected results.

Our multidisciplinary, multicultural and multilingual environment provides infinite resources to improve every day not only as professionals, but also as humain beings, allowing us to give the best every day through respect, tolerance, honesty, perseverance, objectivity and commitment to quality.


We all live in society, and most of the times, individuals are defined by the society they belong to. In Alterseas, we are commited to help individuals define the society they want to live in by adopting policies aimed to work towards this:

  • No participation in acts of corruption
  • Fair rates for both Associates and Clients
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Social participation in the communities we work in.
  • “Leave it better than you found it” policy


At Alterseas, we choose to actively protect the environment in our daily life. It was our own choice, just to prove that it is possible to do it. We aim to sustainability, performing our job to the best while keeping our environmental impact as low as possible by using three main methods:

  • carbon neutrality
  • ecoefficiency
  • responsible travel. 

In addition, we motivate our Associates to engage in personal actions to help the environment.

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