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PSO Services

Bring to your project the most experienced PSOs in Mexico!

Alterseas PSOs have a solid scientific background and are trained according to international standards and Mexican mitigation guidelines


Alterseas PSOs

Alterseas PSOs are highly trained professionals with marine science backgrounds, and highly trained to meet both international standards and Mexican mitigation guidelines. To ensure the best quality, they regularly update their training to keep up with new methodologies and techniques and improve your mitigation program.


Spanish and English to a professional level

International Experience

Our PSOs have an extensive international experience and work to the highest quality standard


Accurate reporting

Objective and clear reporting presenting the most relevant information for your project while keeping the important at hand.


Trust our experience to solve unexpected issues during mitigation while still ensuring environmental protection and compliance

Your best complement

Let Alterseas be part of your next project and enjoy the benefits of working with us


Try Our Service Process

Research & Analysis

Bring us your project and state your needs for it according to your working plan and the conditions issued in your environmental permits. We will complement the information to customize a plan for you.

Customized planning

Get a PSO plan specifically designed for your project according to the kind of work, geographical area, species present, conditions in your environmental permits, reporting needs and more.

Execute & Monitor

Get the most experienced Alterseas PSOs to ensure full compliance with environmental regulations: monitoring, data collection, mitigation, data analysis, reporting, photography

Our Signature

High quality selection criteria

We apply strict selection criteria to ensure the most experienced and highly trained professionals work with us. Among them:

  • A solid marine science background
  • Bilingual to a professional level
  • Experience evaluated by projects
  • Standard training for working offshore
  • PSO / PAM Operator training
  • Alterseas Training

It gets simple: to be an Alterseas PSO, you have to be one the best PSOs.

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