We are a consultancy firm specialized in providing Protected Species Observer (PSO) services and training, as well as other marine and coastal enviromental consultancy services in Mexico.




We aim to help our clients to comply with environmental regulations and impact mitigation required for their coastal and marine projects, allowing them to achieve the economical development they expect while contributing to the conservation of the marine natural patrimony in Mexico.

Passion for what we do

Our Journey

Alterseas was born in 2008 as one of the first marine and coastal dedicated consulting companies in Mexico, and it was the first company in the country to offer Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) services for the offshore industry… much ahead of its times.

Our services adapted constantly to the needs of our clients and suffered several modifications through time. In 2015, we implemented the first Protected Species Observer training in Mexico, and with the publication in 2017 of a new regulation requiring PSOs in marine geophysical activities and the implementation of mitigation guidelines in Mexico, we modified our training program to allow our PSOs to better help our clients to comply with these new guidelines.

Year 2020 passed to the world history as an infamous year due to the impact of COVID-19 and most companies had to adapt to a new way to work. Alterseas was no exception. We moved our PSO training to an online platform and implemented a practice at sea to complement the learning, taking the leadership of PSO training in Mexico.

We additionally modified our PSO selection criteria to ensure only highly trained and qualified staff to be involved in our customers’ projects, establishing a high quality standard by providing our clients with experienced, professional and reliable services.


What We Do Best

Protected Species Observers

We provide carefuly selected and highly trained, experienced and multilingual PSOs and PAMOps for your projects.

PSO Training

We own the first Protected Species Observer training complying with both Mexican and international standards

Environmental Consulting

We can add a high value to your projects: baseline studies, EIA, reporting, environmental management and more.


Why choose us


Our associates are amongst the most experienced professionals in Mexico with a scientific background. No about to gradaute students or improvised personel certified in a couple of hours.


Alterseas working standards were established to avoid underperformance and ensure the most professional compliance and the best results.


No matter what is your project, you will get the best quality service, the highest performance and the most complete reports.

Culture Code

Our Phylosophy

Our Mission

To contribute to both the blue economy and marine and coastal conservation by providing our customers with the environmental services they need, with the quality and performance they expect.

Our Vision

We work to lead the path to a balance between economic development and ocean conservation by bringing experienced, professional and reliable PSO and other environmental consulting services to marine and coastal activities.

Our Core Values

Make yourself valuable

Be empathetic, work safely, be honest and take accountability for your acts, keep positive, solve problems, bring solutions, be collaborative, protect your company with a good quality work, suport your team, learn fast, keep learning, keep improving yourself.

Be fearless

Express your thoughts, challenge the status quo, be propositive, overcome your own limits, accept the challenges, bring the best of yourself.

Follow your passion

Believe in yourself and your capabilities, trust your decisions, be awesome, run the extra mile, build to climb, be a wonderful experience, inspire others

Lead the way

Start by respecting others, care for your colleagues, aknowledge their value, celebrate their achievements, help them grow, support their professional objectives, lead by example.

Social Responsibility

We are proud to partner with local environmental initiatives focused in the ocean:

Instituto de Investigación de Megafauna Marina y Costera (INMMAR). A research organization aimed to contribute to the sustainable management of ocean and coasts by promoting the research and conservation of marine and coastal megafauna as environmental health indicators.

Thinking Ocean Initiative. A citizen science initiative led by local marine biologists, sailors, entrepreneurs, community leaders, researchers and volunteers, aimed to promote citizen participation in ocean research and conservation.

S/V Veiviseren – A sailboat with purpose. A personal initiative from one of our partners, aimed to bring the Ocean to people through social media by refitting a small sailboat to convert her into a research and education platform.

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