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PSO opportunities

Join your talent to the most experienced PSOs in Mexico!

Alterseas has a PSO and PAM Operators database that brings together talents with a solid scientific background, good experience and excellent training.

Become an accredited

Alterseas PSO/PAMOp

We are currently accepting submissions to become an Alterseas PSO or PAM Operator.

Our goal is to gather highly trained professionals with a marine science background and a high quality training.

If you are interested in being considered as a potential Alterseas PSO or PAM Operator, don’t hesitate to submit your documents for evaluation. Experience and credentials will be verified and a confidential evaluation opinion will be sent to you with the recommended actions to follow.

What are we looking for

• Science background professionals (biology, marine biology, oceanography, ocean sciences and related)

• Bilingual (English and Spanish)

• Experience in marine fauna monitoring and identification



• Science background education diploma

• PSO/MMO training certificate

• For PAM Operators: PAM training certificate


• BOSIET certificate

• STCW certificate

• Seaman’s book

• Seafarer medical certificate (SCT, OGUK, Norwegian)


About the Process


Submit your documents

Submit your CV for a preliminary evaluation. If they meet the criteria, your proving documents will be requested and their validity verified, and your skills and experience will be assessed.

Plan your development

The results of our assessment will be delivered to you in a written report. If necessary, recommendations for improvements will be included. One of our representatives will work with you on a plan to follow.


Build your career

You will follow the Alterseas trainings included in your plan. You might be assigned to a project under guidance from an approved Alterseas PSO or PAMOp while you complete your training.

You still will be able to work with us during your training as part of a team!

Once your Alterseas training will be completed, a final evaluation will determine your status as an accredited Alterseas PSO or PAM Operator. Your accreditation will be valid as long as you keep your Alterseas training updated.

Our Signature

High quality selection criteria

We apply strict selection criteria to ensure the most experienced and highly trained professionals work with us. Among them:

  • A solid marine science background
  • Bilingual to a professional level
  • Experience evaluated by projects
  • Standard training for working offshore
  • PSO / PAM Operator training
  • Alterseas Training

It is simple: to be an Alterseas PSO, you have to be one the best PSOs.

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